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Supervision and Clinical Excellence

Supervision and Clinical Excellence

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supervision and clinical excellence mindfulness course dublin
12 Oct 2020
Duration | Until 14 June 2021
Fee | €295

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In this 16-hour online skills training, qualified supervisors will discuss, reflect, and learn how to supervise psychotherapists through a skills-based model in clinical excellence and deliberate practice.

Supervision and Clinical Excellence parallels the common factors in psychotherapy, blending multiple evidence-based therapy methods with a strong focus on interpersonal and relational skills including attunement, empathy, and responsiveness (Anderson, Ogles, Patterson, Lambert, & Vermeersch, 2009; Boswell & Castonguay, 2007; Hatcher, 2015; Norcross, 2011).

Multiple transdiagnostic themes will be discussed including the client-supervisee-supervisor relationship, needs, preferences, core training, reactance level, ethical and legal issues through the development of “competent communities” (Johnson et al., 2012) via collaborative inquiry, reflection and skills training.

The supervision master training is grounded in evidence-based relationships and what works in psychotherapy and for whom?

We will explore the interrelationship between supervision process and outcome, and therapy process and outcome. Supervision in this approach is based on the same fundamental principles as psychotherapy, with a focus on developing the supervisory relationship and on specific supervisory tasks. We will address issues common to all supervisory relationships such as ambiguity about roles, misunderstandings related to cultural background and gender, skill deficits, countertransference, legal, ethical issues and why almost one third of clients prematurely terminate counselling after the first session.

Experiential role plays, deliberate practice via rehearsal, bilateral feedback brings this supervision format “to life” as a crucible to enhance personal and professional growth.

The training will include best practices for establishing an online clinical supervision presence and working with pre-accredited therapists and students.

Supervision and Clinical Excellence is developed for experienced, post-graduate, clinical supervisors who are interested in reflecting and learning about the advantages and disadvantages of different models of supervision. Over the 9-month training you will learn about supervisory processes and determine the model of supervision that best suits you to facilitate competent clinical supervision.

Gerry Cunningham came to study psychotherapy at postgraduate level (Dublin City University) from an academic background firmly rooted in the humanities (MA in Spirituality, BA in Philosophy). He has been extensively trained in Mindfulness-based approaches and cognitive behavioural therapy (PG Diploma in CBT, University of Oxford, Masters in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, University of Oxford). Gerry is a qualified clinical supervisor and child and adolescent psychotherapist M. Ed. in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counselling, University of Cambridge.

Gerry has a private practice at The Mindfulness Clinic and provides specialised treatment approaches for Borderline Personality, Bi-Polar I and is particularly skilled at working through complex presentations. His approach to supervision is cutting-edge and creative with a central focus on the therapeutic relationship, client outcome, and collaborative communities. He is currently pursuing research interests at the University of Oxford and training at The International Centre for Clinical Excellence.

Mondays from 10.30am to 12pm: 12 October, 16 November, 14 December 2020, 11 January, 15 February, 8 March, 12 April, 10 May, 14 June 2021.

Prerequisite: Participants on this course are required to be accredited supervisors with a recognised accreditation body in Ireland.

Cost: €295 including certificate, notes and therapeutic flashcards.

Booking, further information: T: 087-7989 301 | E: info@mindfulnessclinic.ie | mindfulnessclinic.ie

Booking ended
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"It has greatly exceeded my expectations having done mindfulness before. I feel that anything I was doing before is now completely strengthened and improved by this experience. It was a pleasure to be a part of this course and I am accrediting the course to my contentment and improving happiness"

"A wonderful course, really gained a thorough knowledge of how mindfulness works. A life-changing experience for me, definitely recommend this course"

"This course was much more than I ever expected… I would rate it as the most enriching, the most educational and the most wholly encompassing of my career in psychology and therapy to date"

Counselling Psychologist
"I was a bit sceptical about the whole thing coming into the course but I was so wrong. I have been so lucky to experience this at such a young age and have learned skills that I will take with me for life. Overall life-changing experience"

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